Day 3 of 6 weeks

by suzy 15. March 2011 03:16

I have come to the conclusion that the next 6 weeks are going to crawl by. It has been three days since my back surgery and I am already BORED!! I am looking forward to the pain decreasing so I can start going for walks, petting my ponies and get back to teaching which should help pass the time. In typical bad timing, my surgery was scheduled for the Friday before our derby and the Adult Rider derby, both of which were held here with Jon designing the courses. Jon managed to get everything organized ahead of time so he could be with me at the hospital but we could not have pulled it off without Laramie, Claire, Chelsey and Lindsey putting in a few very long days! Thank you to  Char, Rick, Cindi and the Benge family for all your help as well, also to the Adult Riders for running the office for us on Saturday. I hope everyone had a great time, I was sorry not to be able to come down and watch, especially since a few of my students had fantastic rides by all reports. Jessica Bryant did her first round at prelim level on Saturday and made it look easy! Lauren had 2 days of excellent and exuberant novice jump rounds with AJ, Laurie and Lindsey had good rides at training level and Alisa was the only clear training round on Sunday so won her division!! What a great way to start the season, I am excited to watch them continue to gain confidence and ability.  I'm sure I'm forgetting to thank someone or congratulate someone so I'll just apologize and blame it on the pain meds!

 I am finding that I am doing more teaching these days, and happy to say that I am enjoying it and finding it very rewarding, especially when I can't ride. It's satisfying to watch the light bulb come on for someone after struggling for weeks, or to watch a trusting relationship form between rider and horse with careful training. So with this realization plus 6 weeks of no riding, I have decided to do something that I have been procrastinating because it scares me......become ICP certified. I think it's a great program and one that I would like to support but the idea of having my teaching critiqued is very intimidating to me. However, this is the profession I have chosen so I have a responsibility to educate myself within it. So...let the studying begin! I don't have a clue where the next workshops or testings will be but I will find out. I do have the advantage of having been a guinea pig rider several times for the workshops and testings so at least I have some idea of what I am getting into.

 Now I must backtrack a little to the Leslie Law clinic which was fabulous as always. I rode Uno in the Intermediate group and Uno's nephew Gogo in the training group. Uno was perfect as usual and jumped great, Gogo had not jumped for a while, so was very enthusiastic! I am excited for his future though, he just turned 5 and has all the makings of a great event horse. I am going to try to post a video of each of them jumping that Laramie took if I can figure out how. Gogos second round was much better than the one I will post but by that time Laramie had joined the chase for the loose horse that left our lesson and toured the property for an hour before being caught! These were my last jump schools before my back took a turn for the worse so I enjoy re watching them again as well. Another huge thank you to Claire, Laramie, Chelsey, Lindsey and Jon for keeping the barn running smoothly and my horses in work while I am out of commission. Thank you to everyone for all the kind thoughts and gestures I have received.



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