Aspen Farms is gearing up for the 2007 season

by suzy 16. April 2007 18:45

The event season is fast approaching and we have a lot on our plates here at Aspen Farms. With just over 6 months until our first recognized event it is an exciting but busy time. We have managed to recruit some great volunteers to help keep us on track.
Jon is best located by following the beeping sound of the bobcat right now, he has been grading rings, clearing trees, making trails, and cleaning up all our fallen trees from our windy winter. He has also taught numerous clinics over the winter, helping everyone prepare for the show season.
Our course builder, Greg Shlappi, will soon be back out to continue to work on the course. Greg has built several upper level courses on the east coast, and the jumps he has built here so far are beautiful.
I seem to be a bit accident prone these days! I had a fall in November and broke both elbows. They have healed well and I have been riding and training full time since January. However, 2 weeks ago I had a horse slip in a turn and fall on my leg, fracturing my foot. Luckily it was a minor break and I was only out of the saddle for about a week. I am excited to have several nice young horses to compete this year, some new to the sport, others hoping to try the next level.
With my injuries, and Jon being busy preparing the site for the event, we are very lucky to have Chelsey Sevigny to fill in our shoes. She is a real asset to our business and is able to help with the teaching, training and riding as needed.  As well as her longtime partner "I Know I'm Right", we look forward to seeing her on her lovely young horse, "Independence" this season. She has also taken over the ride on "Taos" while Jon focuses on the event.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the shows and wish you the best of luck for the season!


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