In Loving Memory: Piper Cheney, Jean Moyer, Tremaine Cooper

Message from Suzy and Jonathan Elliott:

We happily welcome everyone back to Aspen Farms in 2021 after a very unusual and difficult year.

Sadly, we lost three key members of our Aspen Farms team and wanted to take a moment to appreciate their impact on our lives and the horse trials. We thank Jean, Piper, and Tremaine for all they did for our sport, our event, and our family. Our hearts go out to their families; thank you for sharing them with us.

We will miss Piper Cheney welcoming us to the event with kind words, hot coffee, and plenty of snacks. She worked quietly behind the scenes to make sure each person at the show had the best experience possible.

The warm-up arenas will be a bit too quiet without Jean Moyer’s encouraging voice making everyone ride better and stretch up taller. She always made time to stop and see how your day was going, and your day would be made brighter as a result.

The cross-country courses will also look different this year without Tremaine Cooper’s design. He took great pride in making the best use of the property to give the horses and riders a fun, educational, and confidence-building cross country round.