Derbies 2020-03-16T09:33:15-07:00

We have decided to cancel both of our remaining derbies in light of the CDC announcement:

I will be refunding all entries.  If your check has not been cashed I will tear it up and send you an email.  If your check got deposited last week I will send a refund check and an email letting you know it is on its way-If you know you will receive a refund, please email me: Rider name, Payee for Refund, and a Address of where to mail the check.  Some of the hand writing on the entries is difficult to read and this will help speed up the process.

Thank you for understanding and WASH YOUR HANDS!

March 21-22 Derby CANCELED 

April 18-19 Derby-CANCELED

Checks should be made payable to Aspen Farms. Please mail your completed entry form, Aspen Farms release, and payment to:

Aspen Farms
1201 E Yelm Ave
Ste 400 PMB 135
Yelm, WA 98597

Please email any derby questions to Jonathan at

Derby Refund Policy:
Scratch before 12pm Tuesday (before Derby) less $25 office fee
Scratch before 12pm Thursday (before Derby) less $50
No refunds if scratched after 12pm on Thursday before the derby.